Bloomsbury Retro Sweet Hamper (L)

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Our large Bloomsbury Retro Sweet Hamper is a great way to say thank you or to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or Christmas. Our Large Sweet Hamper contains:

1 x Wicker Hamper Basket (18 inch), 250g of Raspberry Bon Bons, 250g of Hard Boiled Rhubarb & Custards, 250g of Mint Humbugs, 250g of Jelly Beans, 250g of Assorted Toffees,250g of Baby Dolphins, 250g of Jelly Babies, 250g of Teddy Bears, 250g of Haribo Strawberries, 250g of Cola Bottles, 4 x Fizzer Rolls, 4 x Refresher Rolls, 4 x Love Heart Rolls, 4 x Dip Dabs, 4 x Double Dips, 4 x Drumstick Lollies, 4 x Refresher Bars, 4 x Wham Bars, 2 x Packs of Flying Saucers, 1 x Paper Money.



PLEASE NOTE: This product may have an adverse effect on the activities and attention of children. May Also Contain Eggs, Nuts, Soya, Milk & Peanuts. WARNING: Choking Hazard.
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